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Jana Meier

I can vividly remember coming to the UK 7 years ago to start my Bachelors degree. Summer before that was a stressful time with trying to submit everything on time and organise my arrival to a foreign country. There were a lot of uncertainties and doubts playing on my mind, mainly because I didn’t have anybody to give me advice on the whole process. The personal reason behind starting Prodeo International was to make sure that other students wanting to come to study in the UK, would have far easier and peaceful experience. At the end of the day, it is one of the most exciting and important times of your life! You deserve to enjoy it from the very beginning of applying to the university. I can promise that myself and my colleagues will do everything in their power to ensure a smooth application process from the start to the end.

Aleksandra Ivahno

Going to study to the UK was one of the best decisions I ever made. This experience is very valuable, and I believe it had a significant impact on my personality in general. When I left my hometown I was only 18 years old, and all the process of moving, settling down and integrating into new society was quite difficult, as I had no one to help, and my 2 friends who went with me were the same age and neither of us has such an experience before. So when I was doing my masters degree I met my colleague – Jana, and we decided it was the right time to open an agency, where we can support students to go to study abroad. Based on our first hand experience, we have created the business, that helps many people out there to achieve their aspiration, something we wish we could have had then, in 2008.

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